Thursday, August 28, 2008


DUKs is really great. The hotdogs are semimediocre but the fung shue is pretty darn GREAT. In other words they have a crane AND a juke box! They have outdoor seating, as you can see. That lttle table next to the garbage can is where we sat. If it wasn't such a darn beautiful day we definitely would have sat inside. It's like being in a diner, but getting chicago style hot dogs in a basket instead of a harmburger and fries on a plate.  You can even sit at one of those bar type things where people sit at diners and talk to the short-haired-raspy-voiced-waitress on the other side.  because they did have one of those. 
alex got a lil jr. hamburger for 90 cents or something, and my hotdog came with those kinky kinda fries that are pretty tasty. I'd say just check it out, because it's on western and chances are you pass by it all the time.

Monday, August 11, 2008


After all I have said about Huey's, I must say that Wolfy's will always be number one in my hot dog heart. I grew up about 5 blocks from it, so I've eaten there about thrity thousand times, but not out of convenience (although it is very convenient that my favorite hot dog joint was 5 blocks away for most of my life and it still is sometimes!) but because their hotdogs simply rock. I mean it! and if you don't believe me see for yourself! It is in quite an unpopular neighborhood on the northside, and it's pretty out of the way for most people. But, if you're ever on your way to...well if you want to just go out of your way for a really good hotdog go to the corner of Peterson and California. They always have a  couple t.vs on, which I guess is cool these days, you can get a souvenir (a t-shirt or a hat, your choice of course), they have shakes, they have hot hotdog gum! ...and I think they have coca-cola products. I hear they have really good chicken sandwiches as well, but I've never had one. I'm loyal to vienna beef hotdogs. Oh, they also have nice swively seating.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I wanted my first hot dog blog entry to be about Huey's and here is why:
Well the obvious answer is that I had one of the best chicago hot dogs ever here, and they also had some incredible cheezy fries and a good chocolate shake.
but also because it was the first picture of a hot dog i have ever taken, the bathroom was the biggest hot dog stand bathroom i have ever been in (and they used a ketchup squeezer for the soap), they have outdoor seating in the heart of andersonville, not to mention that they put your hotdog in a box instead of wrapping it up to get soggy and sticky,  and it was the day that i decided that I needed to start a hotdog blog. ok? i love hotdogs.  i wear a hotdog charm on my neck. ok?